After being told, by Mayo Clinic, that I had just 6-12 months to live, we sought a second opinion. MD Anderson pretty much concurred but I was experiencing no active symptoms, so refused treatment early on. We engaged in thorough research on medic.

Lisa Herley

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Kevin S.

When my husband and I moved to Arizona it was because he was in between jobs. Having an infant get sick when you have no health insurance is a very scary thing. When I heard about the Arizona Rx Card I didn't think we would qualify for something that sounded too good to be true. After looking into it I realized you didn't have to qualify and it was really something that good! I brought a card that I downloaded online at www.arizonarxcard.com into my Safeway and they ran the card for my son's medication. I ended up saving over $100! Now that I am in the system at Safeway I have them run the card every time I fill a prescription. The Arizona Rx Card helped me in a time of need and keeps helping me to this day. I am so grateful to have come across this free card.

Kevin S.
Phoenix, AZ



I do have health insurance, but it will only cover my monthly medication if I get the generic one. Unfortunately I get a bad reaction to the generic, so I have to get the brand name. I couldn't believe how expensive it was! When I asked my pharmacist if she had any suggestions on how I could get a discount she said she would try the Arizona Rx Card. So, instead of going through my insurance I used the Arizona Rx Card and I saved 40% on the medication! I asked her what the catch was and she reassured me there was none. No sign up, no cost and I didn't even have a card...she did!! I have even contacted the company to ask them to look up other drugs for me and my friends/family. They are always so prompt and helpful. This is the real deal and I would recommend it to anyone who needs help or just wants to save some money.

Jane B.

Jane B.

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Raymond T. Kyte

 would like to thank the staff at the Peter 16th Meds4usa for the kindness extended to me yesterday when I pick-up my RX, the clerk took the time to explain how to use it and answered my questions. Thank you again!


It takes an incredible amount of hard work to be the Pharmacist and just to be an incredible staff. They have to ‘take care’ of each customer each time they come in and there really is no room for error.Meds4usa  has been there for me for 10 long years and has been ‘spot on’ every time. Every question answered to where it was easy to understand, every med correctly dispensed safely and properly counted. All these issues and more are properly done by the entire staff, under the leadership of the Pharmacist and staff, and to complete their service, if you can’t pick up your order, they will deliver it to your home. Is there anything they don’t do – NO! Thank you very much and please remember – There is no nobler task to help your fellow man or woman. God Bless all of you and have a safe and Happy Holiday. From our family to yours – Thank You – Lisa & Lance”