PILLS-PHARMACY-ONLINE is an online medicine and healthcare company that publishes informative health-related content and sells genuine medications. We provide high-quality approved medicines that at the comfort of your doorsteps.

Pills-pharmacyonline.com has a highly accomplished and qualified staff with experts in the fields of medicine, healthcare, internet technologies, delivery, and business to bring you the best services.


  • We are dedicated group of the professionals who are trying to deliver the best possible service in online PHARMACEUTICALS developing highest level of trust between customers and US.
  • At PILLS-PHARMACYONLINE we are passionate about delivering the best quality product available on the market to your door-step.  Unfortunately currently legislation around products is very dated and we expect the whole marketplace to expand hugely when our Government changes the law.As a result we care for the health of our patients and those who buy from are pharmacy so we offer medication to those who do not have priscrption.The discreet nature of packaging have kept us years in the industries as we provide high quality medication for your various needs.
  • The product is outsourced from trusted partners and without middle man sellers so highest quality with the lowest prices can be guaranteed.


  • All of our product is sent for delivery in a plain envelope/box. The package is sealed twice with heavy duty odor free bags and then taped closed to ensure no scent can be detected. Although we post orders the same day if received before 5pm it still could be delayed as the delivery process is down to the service provider and is out of our control. If an item doesn’t turn up as expected please email us and we will investigate / track it for you.
  • DISCLAIMER: Although 99% of our orders to be delivered, there is a small chance it could be lost/stolen during postage. If it is the case and you have not received your product withing 14 days – please contact us and we will try to resolve the case


  • Due to the nature of the product we are currently unable to process debit or credit card payments. Currently payments can be made using either cryptocurrency or crypto vouchers.
  • The crypto voucher payment involves you buying a voucher using either bank transfer or making a payment with your debit/credit card. In How to buy bitcoin ? We only accept payments from the sources listed on that page. This method might take a little longer (a few hours more) before you receive the coupon and we will process it. After that- we will dispatch your order
  • To pay with crypto currencies you would need to create a bitcoin wallet and make a transfer to our wallet address you will see at the checkout. This method is manual and your order will be processed as soon as we will check the transaction.
  • We also accept app payment like PAYPAL, ZELLE, VENMO, APPLE PAY, GOOGLE PAY, CASHAPP, GIFT CARDS ETC. Most of these payment methods are available in the USA and as such PAYPAL is the only global payment method among them so please always indicate which of the payment methods you will be comfortable with.